Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Zone

Through intense focus you can tap into your soul's infinite powers latent within your natural state is focus.  To be 'concentrated' In this state, you can magnify your ability to impact the moment significantly.

My zone:
     Supreme confidence, knowing without a wavering doubt that every decision I make is going to be a great one.  Everything slows down to the point that nothing else matters; the score, the crowd, your opponent, nothing.  You don't try too hard, the game comes easy to you.  It's natural.  It becomes one rhythm- my rhythm.  Each dribble, each sprint up the court, exploding in to the air finishing acrobatically at the rim-this is my game, my zone.
  Just think about your favorite song.  How the sound compliments the lyrics perfectly without one overpowering the other. The packed arena with screaming fans, your opponent and teammates surround you on the court while your coaches yell to you from the sideline and the score in bright lights above you, but all of that doesn't matter because you are locked in.

     With my palms sweaty and my legs feeling energetic fatigue is not even close to being a factor.  I am so focused to the point where I feel as though I don't blink.  The defender is walking to my beat.  His presence does not matter to me at this point.  He is the chair that you use to practice with.  This isn't cockiness.  It is confidence.  It is the early mornings and late nights of pushing myself to get better every time.  That is what allows me to enter this zone.

     As soon as I get the ball I take a picture in my head of exactly where everybody is on the court.  I don't think.  I just let my body and natural instincts take over. If my body tells me to drive right, step back and shoot, then I do. If it tells me to make an in and out crossover move to the left hand and finish, then that's what I do. If I come off a screen or get a pass from a teammate that just penetrated, I am letting that shot go!  Like they say, if his hands are down MANDOWN!

     I trust my instincts because of the preparation, consistency, and mental focus I have. There is no doubt of the outcome. You have to really try to stay in the present and not let anything break your rhythm. That is when I know I am in my zone. #FightMS

What's your zone like?

 TBT Basketball tournament in Philadelphia, PA
Summer 2014

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