Saturday, March 21, 2015

Power of Stretching

     With the season in full swing, blogging has been a little difficult and the free time I do get I like to relax with my family.  Sometimes it feels great to just do absolutely nothing, especially after a physical game.  One thing I have noticed this season is I have become a lot more fluid.  I feel quicker and lighter.  This past off season I honed in on stretching and nutrition.  I met with a nutritionist and we discussed my diet and making a few changes.  I also met with a trainer that really got me in to stretching.
A part of my routine every morning!

     I never really put too much of an effort in to stretching because it didn't really seem that important to me.  This summer I was introduced to fascia stretching.  I went from stiffly squatting (with my own weight) to smoothly squatting and almost touching the floor with ease.  I could not believe how flexible I was and how good I felt.  After a few sessions of Fascia Stretching, I came up with my own routine.  
Body squat- try to get as low to the ground as possible without losing balance!

     I really think stretching has made a difference in my game this season.  I try to make it a habit to stretch every morning and at night.  I feel more explosive and I am able to bend and contort my body while I am in the lane.  This allows me to absorb the foul as well as make the shot.
Finishing through contact (Photo found on VL Pesaro Facebook)

     Stretching has not only benefited my game, but it also helps with my MS.  The stretching elongates my muscles which helps reduce muscle spasms (a common symptom of MS).  I like to do range of motion stretches that help with the flexibility in my hips as well as stretching my quads, hamstrings, and back.  

Like father, like son.  CJ likes to help me stretch.

     This is a critical part of the season for my team and I want to control everything that I can.  Stretching has helped me after very physical games and my recovery time has been cut shorter because of stretching.   

Forza Vuelle!! (Photo found on VL Pesaro Facebook)